On-line test

Section I. Listening

In this section of the test, you will hear conversation and answer some questions about them. For each conversation, first read the situation and the question or questions. Then listen to the conversation. Answer the questions after you hear the conversation. Respond to the questions by marking the correct answer (a, b, c, or d).

В случае отсутствия возможности прослушать звуковые файлы, выберите

Situation 1: Rick and Sharon are at restaurant.
( listen to the conversation - 16 сек. 97Kb )

1. Sharon __________.
a. "usually eats fish"
b. "is eating the chicken"
c. "is going to have fish"
d. "prefers fish to chicken"

Situation 2: Dom calls Phil about playing golf.
( listen to the conversation - 26 сек. 163Kb )

1. They're going to __________.
a. have lunch together
b. play golf next week
c. go to a business meeting
d. meet early in the morning
2. Phil can't play golf tomorrow afternoon because he __________.
a. is meeting someone for lunch.
b. has a meeting until 4:00
c. is getting ready for a meeting
d. needs to leave a meeting early

Situation 3: Melanie is talking to George about her laptop computer.
( listen to the conversation - 51 сек. 310Kb )

1. Melanie is angry because __________.
a. she can't use her computer
b. her friends don't have a computer
c. Carol doesn't want to return the computer
d. George won't lend her his computer
2. Carol __________.
a. lent her computer to a friend
b. broke Melanie's computer
c. borrowed a computer from George
d. just bought her own computer
3. George doesn't usually lend things because __________.
a. he doesn't have that much to lend
b. his friends don't need to borrow anything
c. lending things can change a friendship
d. it's better to borrow from a bank

Situation 4: Henry and Gloria are talking about their trips abroad.
( listen to the conversation - 1 мин. 16 сек. 462Kb )

1. Henry went to Mexico __________.
a. by himself
b. with his parents
c. after school
d. to visit a friend
2. When Henry says that he “would have liked to have seen Brazil ”, he means that he __________.
a. went there, and he liked it
b. went there, but he didn't like it
c. wanted to go there, but he couldn't
d. didn't want to go there, so he didn't
3. Gloria went to Poland because __________.
a. she wanted to learn the language
b. she traveled there with a friend
c. her family moved there
d. his sister invited her
4. Dottie __________.
a. wanted to go home
b. learned Polish quickly
c. got a job in Poland
d. loved new things

В случае отсутствия возможности прослушать звуковые файлы, выберите